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Mission Lab is a University of Limerick program dedicated to systems innovation for a sustainable future.

The Interactive Campus

Explore the interactive Mission Lab campus map to see the full portfolio of missions in action.

The Process

The Mission Lab innovation process is underpinned by a mission-based approach to tackling complex challenges. By bringing together diverse perspectives and expertise, we aim to drive sustainability-led change through our portfolio of mission projects.

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Bringing together students, faculty, professional staff, and cross-sectoral partners to work in interdisciplinary teams on real-world problems

Join the Mission Lab movement and be part of the journey toward a better future. As a member of UL community, you have the power to create a positive impact on campus and beyond. By participating in our mission-based approach to addressing systemic challenges, you’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with interdisciplinary teams, develop your skills, and drive real change within and across our mission portfolio.

Mission Lab empowers the entire UL community to work on real-world problems through mission-based learning and collaboration. Explore the mission portfolio to discover a mission that resonates with you. Let’s create a more sustainable future, together.

© 2023 Mission Lab. All rights reserved.